Land Management

Land Management is an asset management strategy utilizing farm-specific systems and practices to increase the property’s annual income and produce premium appreciation.

Land Management differs from Farm Management in several fundamental aspects:

  • Traditional Farm Management services use a model of managing the farmer’s basic on-farm production decisions, collecting as much annual income as possible and charging the landowner a significant portion of that income. This traditional model has little, if any, focus on the appreciation side of the asset; and the farmer, landowner and farm manager are competing for their respective share of the annual income.
  • The Land Management model identifies progressive farmers that are aligned with the landowner’s goals and objectives. The farmer that fits this model does not require constant production decision over-sight and is a farmer that utilizes best practices and emerging technologies to increase the productivity of the farm and the returns that flow to both the farmer and landowner. This asset management model has a long-term focus.